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It was $20 to park...

...but it all went WAY up hill from there! (I'm not kidding, a $20 dollar bill to leave my car between the white lines)

That's ok though, it was well worth it. First off, I think I've been spoiled because I can't see watching a football game any other way now. The suite was just that- sweet! As soon as we walked in I was charged, the view was awesome. We were on the second level, Oklahoma endzone on the CU side. I could read the players' jerseys without even trying. We could see all the action.

The suite had it's own bathroom, which was nice, because I've had really bad experiences with public bathrooms in football stadiums! There were very comfy leather chairs, but we didn't spend much time in those. Lots of food! We had hotdogs and chicken strips with every condiment imaginable! Lots of beer and pop, brownies, cookies, chips and salsa, etc and so on! I was cutoff after 2 beers because I dumped mine all over the floor. I was like, "Damn it Brandi! Just be cool!"

Although it was like 12 degrees outside, that is where we spent 90% of the game. We had a few rows right outside the suite. The place was on fire and the Sooners owned that stadium. The largest collection of CU fans in one spot was the band.

We stayed to watch the trophy ceremony and then made our way out. WE ARE GOING TO THE ORANGE BOWL!!!! It was my first "non-season" game, and Shelton's first OU game ever, and damn we had fun! Shelton and I both screamed and yelled and clapped and Boomer Sooner'd until the end. This morning, I brought in two bowls full of oranges for myself and Miguel to put on our desks. BOOMER SOONER everybody!

sounds electric. I wish I was there... nothing like a sooner beat down.

-webmaster jc

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