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Best Seats in the House

On a whim the other day, I asked our media director if he could maybe, jusssst maybe score a pair of tickets to the Big 12 Championship game being played in KC this Saturday. OU and Colorado face off in what will hopefully be the Sooners last stop before the bed of Oranges that lays before them!!!

Well he came through... BIG TIME!!! He got 2 tickets for me and 2 tickets for my AE... in a BOX SUITE AT ARROWHEAD STADIUM!!! It's indoors w/ plenty of heat and also has 3 rows outside for us to use, plus free food and drinky. The letters aren't big enough for me to show just how damn excited I am about this!

This job gets better and better every single day! I'll definitely fill you on the details when I get back. Until then, BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!

brandi, are we gonna get the scoop? or what.


WOW! That's awesome!

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