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Winter has arrived!

From my desk I can watch the snow fall outside, it is so nice. I'm glad to see the snow has arrived, which means Winter has arrived which means it's Christmas!!! This is the second time in the past week we've gotten snow. Everything was covered this morning, by lunch, all melted. We're supposed to have more this week. This is one of the perks of living in Kansas, we get snow, not ice. I can handle snow, in fact, I love snow.

So, tomorrow is December one. Hard to believe another year has nearly come and gone. I hope all of you have started searching for that perfect gift for me. I'm an easy buy, so don't stress! I have started buying a few gifts, and those that I haven't purchased, I know exactly what I'm after. So in theory, I'm done. GO ME!!

I started my Christmas cards last night. I'm being lazy this year and not searching for missing addresses. So, if I don't currently have an up-to-date mailing address for you, just know that my thoughts and best wishes for the holidays are with you. I think I've got everyone covered though.

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