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Did you know...

So, yes, I stole this from BR's site (www.thick8.com). But, I thought it was a really fun idea and got a kick out of reading his, so now I will share with you the randomness that makes me, me!

When I blow my nose, I hold my left ear closed.

I once sat in Richard Simmon's limo, next to him.

I'm scared of the dark.

I cannot have my feet covered at night.

I currently carry 2 cell phones.

I have a tattoo of a gecko.

I hate bubble baths.

I peed my pants at my cousin's wedding. Last year. I was drunk.

The sound of people chewing on their finger nails makes me want to vomit.

I've never had a ticket.

During my driver's test, I told the instructor I didn't know where the emergency brake was.

I could eat macaroni & cheese every single day of the week.

I shave my big toes.

I play violin.

I don't believe in regret.

I once scratched a $1000 lottery ticket.

I'm currently living in a basement.

I love roller coasters.

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