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Ice, Ice and more Ice, Baby

The weather outside is definitely frightful, and for the 70,000 people without power, inside is not so delightful.
Sheesh! This ice storm blew in yesterday and it has brought with it death and distruction. Death to the trees, not so many people. Our house has lost 2 trees, a tree fell where I usually park my car but just happened to not park there yesterday, trees EVERYWHERE! Electric company says power that is out won't be up for 7-10 days. I mean, damn! My fingers are crossed that we remain one of the few with power. It took me 40 minutes to literally chisel out my car this morning. I lost my gloves and don't have a scraper, so I was wearing socks on my hands and used a spatula to scrape. nice, huh?!

On the flip side, it is quite beautiful to look at. Everything is incased in ice, snow everywhere. It just kind of sucks.
Good luck to those of you in Oklahoma and Missouri about to be hit by this bitch. Find your gloves now.

It sounds pretty bad up north. Here in OKC it didn't do much damage. Just made it hard to get around. Good luck!

sorry honey it passed by us without any consequence sorry for you inconvience

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