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Movie Marathon

Shelton and I had taken a little hiatus from the movies when we moved to Wichita. But over the last week or so, we have really made up for it. First, let me say, that going to the movies in Wichita is unlike going to the movies anywhere else, at least anywhere I've been. The Warren Theater is literally right outside my office. It is SO NICE! The seats and arm rests are made of Memory Foam and the seats are oversized, so way comfy. The aisles are very wide, I can't even get my feet to rest on the seats in front of me. There are also waiters. These waiters will bring you anything from the menu which has everthing from SweetTarts and Twizzlers to Burgers and Pizza. The prices are movie theater prices, but, not too bad. It's dinner & movie all from one seat. Also, props to Blockbuster for getting rid of late fees!!!!!!!

So, I thought I would give you a run down of the movies we have seen recently and what we thought about them.

The Incredibles: This was "incredible!" We really enjoyed it, granted, we love anything Pixar does.

Meet the Fockers: LOOOOVE IT! As always, not as good as the first, BUT, it was SO FUNNY in it's own right.

Spanglish: Who knew Sandler had this in him? He and Tea were both excellent. Worthy of a second watch AND a good cry.

Raising Helen: SO CUTE! So much better than I expected. I'm a softy for orphans though. Joan Cusack- yuck as always!

Garden State: WHAT A FANTASTIC MOVIE! Very impressed! A great story and very funny.

Shrek 2: Finally got to see this last week and it was great. I'm glad I got it for Christmas, I will definitely watch again.

Napoleon Dyanmite: I've officially seen it 3 times and now I own it. If you haven't seen it, goooooosshhhhhh, why not IDIOT!?

IRobot: Shelton says 6 stars out of 5, not cheesy sci-fi. Great film!

Manchurian Candidate: It was alright, 3 stars out of 4- per Shelton.

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