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My 15 Minutes

I was cast in a commercial today! It's for one of our clients and we needed some free talent, so a couple of us girls said we'd do it. It was confusing though. I was asked yesterday and the way it was communicated to me was that we would be extras. I was like, yeah, no prob. I was told to dress like a groupie, grunge girl. I'm not really that kind of girl. So, I showed up rocking an old ad club tee, "create" with the backwards e, longsleeve shirt underneath and jeans. We ended up not shooting last night and had to do it today. So I get to work today and they are like, what did you bring to wear? I had brought the exact same thing from night before.

I get up to this way cool loft above our office to shoot the commercial and find out that we, the 4 girls, are it. We are the talent, no extras, just flat out it. I was like, WHAT!?! And I look like this?? It's 3pm and I've had a long hard day. Hell, my eyebrows aren't even waxed! Then they proceed to tell me we are doing this slumber party scene, ALL I HAVE ARE JEANS! Thanks for filling me in on ALL of the details guys! Luckily, one of the girls had brought extras.

The shoot was really fun. Middle of a very busy day and I got to drink beer, wear PJs and listen to good jams. Not a bad way to live. These will be ready to go in a couple weeks and then my sweet face will be on TV and Outdoor here in W-town.

i will need to see a copy of this

that was me ... jim

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