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No More Wetting the Bed!

I almost wish that this was about Shelton or I trying to control some really bad habit we should have already outgrown. Unfortunately, it's about the dog. The people we are staying with have a basset hound, and I'm thinking of changing his name to pissy-peterson hound. I can now count FOUR TIMES this beast has pissed in MY bed in the last TWO weeks! Do you have any idea how damned gross and infuriating it can be to finally be in your PJs, getting situated under your covers, only to find you are laying in dry dog urine?!?!?! GRRRRRRRROSSSS!!!!!!! His infractions include: pissing on my down comforter (you ass, that one hurt), peeing on MY side of the bed #1, peeing on my side of the bed #2 and peeing on my side of the bed AND a little on my pillow. ARE YOU F*ING KIDDING ME?!??! He runs to the basement when he thinks no one is looking, and we aren't, and pisses. I don't know what I've done to make him this mad, but I dont' even feel like making it up to him now. So numerous washings of sheets, blankets, pillows and PJs have been done. The comforter, may she rest in peace and may we get another as an Ayyam-i-ha gift! We have now installed a baby gate and so that mo-fo is going to have to find some new peeing grounds. This plush little urinal is closed.

From Shauna:
I'm so sorry to hear that. I agree, TOTALLY DISGUSTING! Thanks for crossing your fingers. It's definitely helped b/c today I got called in for interview #2. It went great.. I mean, it ROCKED! I'll be totally surprised if I don't get the job. So, please continue the finger crossing b/c it's worked so far and it needs to continue! ;)

Every word is true but look at it this way. If we go out and spend a hundred bucks on a new comforter that is all we had to pay in rent for a few months of living. That and the slave labor I provide by doing the dishes and taking out the trash out of sheer guilt.

The good news is that I left IT inside today for several hours and he pee'd again in what must be his second favorite place. The office. I put him outside, soaked up what I could and walked away. I wasn't even mad at him; in fact I was pretty elated he didn't find a way to push over or jump the gate. Ahhhh, success.


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