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Nothing beats old friends

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Last night Shelton and I made it back to Norman for the first time since we left. Sure feels good to be home.
So, we met up with our good friends Whitney and Patrick, not a couple. We had dinner at Charleston's, which was on my "must go" list and then followed that with drinks at DaddyWoos. We've known Whit and Patrick since Freshman year at OU. So many good memories. Last night was so enjoyable. We laughed, shared old stories and new, and I was taken back to a place I haven't been in a long time.
Here are some of my favorite Whitney/Patrick/Shelton/Brandi memories:

Spring Break playing Spin the Bottle

Killing the electricity to the TV while my crazy roomy tried to watch Dawson's Creek

Chinese Fire Drills

Old Navy anything

They think I almost killed them on the icy roads, I say I was saving their lives. Po-tay-toe, po-tah-tow.

and now I can add last night. Love you guys!!

What can I say? We're fabulous.


Your outfit complements your blog nicely. Well done!

Oh geeze, it does! How embarassing.

Ha ha! We are the cutest!

(P.S. Loved the fav memories bit.)


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