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Prayers, Happy Thoughts and the Like

My grandmother is leaving this morning for Houston to have surgery. She has serious blockage from her aorta down to her kidneys. The grand poobah of surgeons in Wichita, who she has used several times, unfortunately feels he is not qualified to perform the surgery. This is good in that he is sending her to someone he trusts can do the job right; however it signals to me that this is far more serious and risky than any of us expected.

I trust that her surgery will be successful and she will be home soon and fully recover. I ask that you say a quick prayer, a happy thought or whatever method you choose to use for the hoping of good things.

her prayers in mind... let us know how she is


eli and i are sending out good thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

hugs and kisses,
eli and susan

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