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BK meets KC

I arrived in Kansas City this afternoon for a 4 day TV Shoot for my client. Talk about insanity. I have easily received 40 phone calls today. We stopped at Cheesecake Factory (Amen!) for lunch, and of course, it was just as I remembered it to be. OOOOO-Face!

We left there and hopped over to our pre-production meeting. Directors and producers and talent and wardrobe and storyboards... did i mention insanity? Well, that's what it was. Great meeting though. Very impressed with the crew and how organized they are considering we only awarded the project a week ago.

I am staying in a hotel alone for the first time ever. Fabulous room... so nice! Internet on the agency... yes! Dinner with my client and boss this evening and then on set to begin shooting by SIX AM!!! Sigh. I brought warm clothes and a hat, I should be ok.

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