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Did you take a Brandi pill this morning?

Shelton and I went out for dinner last night. Something we haven't done in a while. We both needed out of the house for the evening. So we left the house doing that thing where every single solitary restaurant you drive past you say, "does that sound good?" And the other person dryly replies, "no." Still driving, we start to drive past Olive Garden (not at the top of my list) and both decide that breadsticks and salad sound fantastic. We go in, seated immediately, off to a good start. Then the manager walks to the table next to us and starts apologizing for the fact that the waitress just dumped wine all over this woman and her leather jacket. He offers to have it cleaned and the woman has nothing but good things to say about the waitress we are sharing. I'm thinking, this is OK, so she slipped, she must have been a great waitress despite that.

Umm, no.

You would have thought she was serving every other table in that building but us. Our drinks were slow coming out. Our salad and breadsticks made it to our table just barely before our meal. When the meal came, we needed more salad, breadsticks and water. We waited and waited and waited. She finally came. Refilled the glasses and then left. She came back 5 minutes later with TWO BREADSTICKS. Are we rationing these badboys?

Shelton is growing more and more frusterated by the minute. This is VERY unlike Shelton. I'm the one who always throws hissy fits in restaurants and Shelton has NEV-ER done this. She brings our ticket...finally... and of course, the price is wrong on Shelton's meal. We wait and wait, she finally comes back, takes off to fix it. Now we've waited 10 more minutes and Shelton's like, "that's it, we're out of here. If they want their money they can chase me down." So we wait at the frong and after sending another waitress after her she finally shows up, we sign, leave a $1.00 tip and were out of there.

On our way to go shopping, Shelton is still bitchin' and complaining about the situation and I'm thinking, damn, did he take a Brandi pill today or what? This is SO unlike him. It gets better, he calls them back, gets the manager to refund our dinner and then he was happy. I'm thinking, That's how you do it!!!

Think we have an even better Olive Garden story. We went there to celebrate a birthday ( I think) and the waiter literally quit during our dinner. Just said Goodbye I am outta here and walked out the door. I'm not sure who made him mad, it might have been Susan (Susan pills) wondering and asking why she never got her dinner. Strange night.

now wait a minute ... it was for jim's birthday and it wasn't ME that made him mad but the manager. he did quit during our dinner, we got the whole entire meal comped for all 6 of us but i never got my dinner. they brought me the wrong meal which i ended up giving to the guy at the next table who actually ordered it.

Oh I forgot that part about giving the dinner to the next table.. that was funny. I wonder if they ever charged him for it. ~vbg~

And Susan, come on -- you were probably why the manager got mad if the real truth be known.

Hey Brandi,

I'm sorry that your OG sucked. I think lately that food establishments have been sucking. We went to Arby's drive thru on Superbowl Sunday, and we had to pull up and wait for the meal because it was taking longer. Well, the girl came out and passed Brady the food over the door. The kicker... The au jus sauce was spilled inside hte bag and the bag was leaking full stream. It got all over his suede jacket. He kinda went overbard, yelled "Fu@*" and peeled out. He went inside to get our meal remade (barely keeping the bag together because it was soaked with sauce) and apologized for storming away. They offered him and apple turnover. He was like, umm no... I want my jacket replaced. They gave him the regional manager's home phone number. He called him when we got home and offered to foot the dry cleaning bill. UGH, food places are so irritating. I feel your frustration.


Gosh, I just reread what I wrote and it was filled with typos. Sorry, it's been a LONG week and my brain is sooo fried. :)


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