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No, I'm not qualified, but Yes, I'll do it.

Earlier this week a woman at work asked if I could judge a high school debate tournament this morning. I looked and her and laughed. And, in her squeeky Bangleshian potty mouth, she said, Brandi you can do this. Please do this.

So I did it.

On a Saturday morning at 7am, coming down with a cold AND starting my favorite week of the month, I went to school. Yes, I worked 50 hours this week and yes I'm tired and no i do not feel well. But I went. Hell, I even showered AND straightened my hair AND wore clean clothes. (Damn, that's an accomplishment).

This school is scary just driving by it in the morning on the way to work. All the little hoodlums and bebe's kids are hanging outside smoking and I lock my doors. No, I will not smoke your stolen cigarettes and I will not write your english papers!

The inside was less scary but weird. I was walking the halls of a high school and for the first time ever, I was allowed to go into that sacred place, The Teachers Lounge (that should read like I'm speaking in a deep voice with an echo).

So anyhow, I checked in at the judges table where I'm pretty sure that girl had a better idea of what I was supposed to be doing there than I had. I listened to 5 different duos present these dialogue things, a "Novice Duo." I felt bad giving some bad scores because they obviously had tried. But someone had to be the winner and a lot of them had to not be. For this first part, I was in a room alone with the kids. I felt old. My God I felt old. One of those poor little girls didn't know she wasn't supposed to be wearing white shoes. I obviously couldn't put that on the critique sheet.

OK so what's wrong with white shoes. They match my belt and the ladies at the senior center think I'm sexy. It's about time those youngsters atleast atempt to look groovy. ;-)

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