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What a perfect weekend I had. Seriously. We got to stay in town for a change, so that was nice. Lots happened so hold on tight and prepare for storytime...

Friday night my parents were in town. And you know what that means...FELIPES! (pardon me while I puke). So that went well. I had Tecates and warm tortillas for dinner... that's a man's meal right there!

Saturday I spent the better part of the day scrapbooking. Hello! LOVE-IT! I'm putting a book together for a woman at work. I have about 9 years of pics to get through and I was able to plow through all of 1996.

Saturday evening gave way for the almost-bi-annual family Hold 'Em night. There were 12 of us at the table. $25 buy in. My cousin put together a ridiculously awesome spreadsheet in order to keep the game moving and the blinds increasing. I was pretty psyched when I finished 4th out of 12... friggin sweet. I won my $25 bucks back but then lost $5 in the "Losers" table.

Sunday it was back to scrapbooking. Mid day Shelton and I met some guys from work for the Big Bro/Big Sis Bowling Classic. Hell-a-fun! Oh my goodness, I have not laughed so much and so hard in SOOOO long. The guys from work were great. Too funny. Shelton slipped on the bowling wax and busted his hiney in the middle of the lane. My best score was a 95... and that game I earned a Turkey!!! (that's 3 strikes... IN A ROW)!
I'd like to thank the donors for their generous donations. That list includes:
Jerry and Lori Jackson
Gary and Denise Morehead
Jim Crews

Now, I'm eating my lunch off of a paper plate at my desk. That means, back to the grind. But I have a feeling this will be a good week. I wish the same to you.

You wanna know why so many people in Kansas City have blogs? Because of Overland Park, that's why. I mean, come on. Well, there's always the whole Oz thing. But really, that's not on KC, that's mostly on West Bottoms. Ah, land of enchantment. Good BBQ, though. Be cool. Over to you, bunnyhutch.

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