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Yes, I'm a legal resident of Kansas

I took off the afternoon at work today so I could face the song and dance at the DMV. My license expired in February (oops!). I have found ONE MORE THING that is different in Kansas than Oklahoma. There is ONE tag office and ONE drivers license office... and they are NOT in the same building! Who in the HELL thought that up? UGH! And, AND, they are both smack dab in the middle of the most ghetto parts of town.

So I get there and the line is as long as the Great Wall of China, luckily it moved as quickly as the speed of sound. I got up, fully expecting them to ask for my Uncle's Brother's Dog's next door neighbor's birth certificate and shoe size, but they didn't!!

I handed over my two forms of ID and since I had let my DL expire I had to take a written test. OUCH! Umm, if it hadn't been for the cheat sheet they provided me with, I would have failed. Don't laugh, because you know the same is true for you. I didn't know what some of the traffic signs meant, I didn't know how far tostay back from a motorcycle.

Anyhow, for $22 I got a new picture taken, updated the weight (SO NOT 120 anymore) and I was handed a Taco Bell receipt. WHAT?? My real ID won't come for 30-60 days, so instead, I was handed what amounts to a Taco Bell recipt with my picture on it and that will act as my legal ID until then. Weird. But, OK.

So, the days of my Oklahoma DL are gone and since I paid 2004 taxes and now have a Kansas plate and DL, I guess that makes me a resident. Now I just need an address.

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