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My diploma from OU just arrived. Hmm. I've waited so damn long for that thing to get here. At long last, I finally feel finished.

For those of you who don't know the story, or those of you who would enjoy a good laugh hearing it one more time, this is why I am only now getting this little piece of paper:

I walked in May 2004 with my class. They allowed me to walk because I was goign to be a summer grad- due to the 15 hours I completed last summer. Well, tried to complete. I ended up completing 12 because my Econ teacher spoke the least amount of English of anyone I had ever met. So I dropped. I took the class in Fall 04, finished in Dec 04. My transcript from OCCC finally made it to OU and when I called to confirm it's arrival, I was knocked down again. The professor at OCCC had mistakenly turned in an F as my grade, not the B I had made. By the time this fatal error was caught and fixed, deadline for grades was past. So, now I am in the books as a May 2005 graduate.

It took a long time to get here.

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