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We got up and left for the airport at 6am. Profanity-profanity-profanity!!! I found my way to the Cinnabon where I discovered bite-sized nugget cinnamon rolls instead of one big monster. While eating my cinny-minis I discovered the free wifi at the Las Vegas airport. Thank you for that.

I somehow got priority seating, so I got to board before the mob did. I was third on the plane. So nice. Then the bag that fit in the overhead on the way to Vegas was not budging on the return. So I was the moron in the middle of the plane going, durrr, my bag won't fit! It got checked. I thought I was going to score an entire row to myself. The whole plane had boarded, no one, they shut all the bins, no one, they shut the door, no one. THEN he showed up. Apparently my row-mate had to come from a connecting gate that was apparently on the other side of Nevada. Bummer, I was so looking forward to laying down.

About half an hour outside of Wichita he turns to me and says, "You guys got any mountains out here." I laughed so hard. I replied, after laughing, "Umm no. This is the plains." And he, dumbfounded, said "Really?! What are all those circles down there?" And I replied, " Crops. We have a lot of wheat and corn and cows. That's it. If you find a tree, call someone." He had apparently lived in Sacramento his whole life and never been any further East than Vegas.

He was also excited about the possibility of eating at "Sonic Burger." Apparently, they don't have one out there and he's waited his whole life. He said he was after one of those, "Cherry something slush things-", I said, "Cherry Limeade?" "Yeah, that's it!" I think I ruined his day when I told him that you rarely find a carhop in roller skates.

Nice guy and made for interesting conversation.

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