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Utah, but I'm Taller

Yesterday was the close of a very strange week. Everyone I talked to said the same. Coming back to a 4 day week after vacation meant losing a day and trying to cram that work in somewhere else. It was bizarre and I dont' know why, but I can't tell you how glad I am to see it end.

My boss David is no longer my boss. (sweet!) Yesterday was his last day. I was so busy with so many things that I hardly had any time to kick it with him during the day. However, about 25 people from our office left about 3:30 to go play laser tag and followed that with drinks in David's honor. It was a really good time. I had no idea how fun laser tag could be! I came in 16th out of 20- ouch!
At the bar, our prez made a little speech and we all toasted and cheered David. Then maybe one or two other people made quickie speeches, tell your favorite story kind of thing and it was great. Then I was called upon. OH NO! This is bad on two levels- I hate speaking in front of people. My body turns into jello or something. That and I had been saving it all day but I knew as soon as my vocal chords moved that lump lodged in my throat would break. And sure enough, in front of God and everybody, I stood there bawling. Thank GOD somebody cracked some joke which forced me to laugh and then I was captain cool again.
Our client bought him this yellow t-shirt from he*ll (wal*mart) with a big picture of Utah (that's where he's moving) and it said, "Utah, but I'm Taller". This is a man who now owns THREE t-shirts and 99 heavy starched button-up collared shirts. He wore the t-shirt for most of the day and through the farewell party. TOO FUNNY! David, farewell. And Julie, farewell. You will be missed by every person here. We wish you the best in your new home. And David, now that you live amongst the mormons, I hope your second wife is just as delightful as Julie. You kids have fun out there, and take care.

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