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"Deer don't live in the summer."

My cousin Wade and his wife Jeni invited us out to my aunt and uncle's house in Clearwater for a day full of food and drinks and poker and mischief. It was an all around good time. My aunt and uncle were supposed to be out of town, but that changed at the last minute. So at times, it felt like a high school party that the parents accidentally showed up for. But my aunt and uncle are pretty cool party people- so it was no thing at all.

The fun started out with my quickly losing two $5 hold-em games. That stung. I gorged my self on chips and beer. By the time dinner was ready, i was too full for the hamburger. But did that stop me from eating one-and-a-half burgers? Oh no. It also didn't stop me from eating potato salad, chips AND a peanut butter cookie. And. more. beer.

An old friend of Wade's, Jeremy, who I've had the pleasure of hanging out with on a number of occasions, brought jello shots. And they were good. I had a few and i've decided blue raspberry jello shots are by far my fave.

At one point my grandma showed up... with a mohawk. That's all I have to say about that.

The fun continued with a new game, Polish Horseshoes. This is a fantastic game where horseshoes, frisbee golf and kick-the-can marry and become one. I'm also a fan of any sport that allows me to hold a beer in one hand and play with the other. There are two pvc pipes staked maybe 10-15 feet apart. On top of each pole is a can filled with water. There are two teams of two and the team mates stand on opposite sides, next to the opposing team mate. You get three frisbees. The object is to throw the frisbee and hit the can directly or hit the pole causing the can to fall off. The opposing team mate on the opposite end has to try to catch the can before it hits the ground. If they accomplish this- they steal the points.

We then played a little volleyball. I suck. And then we tried to rally everyone together to play hide-n-seek. But there were no takers. Keep in mind, everyone in attendance, was at least my age to probably 27. It's been a while since any of us played hide-n-seek. We finally managed to convince ourselves to play Kick Ball. I've never played before in my life. We had SO MUCH fun. I laughed and cried and ran and jumped. By this point is was after midnight and we were tired and some drunk. It was mad silliness. My injuries list includes:
> running smack into another player to try to catch the ball. We both landed on the ground.
> kicking the ball and losing half a toe nail.
> having the ball chucked at my ear and shoulder
> having the ball chucked and smacking me in the FACE knocking my glasses off and leaving me in a momentary tweety-bird state. I had to go have my glasses re-adjusted this morning.

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening, clear skies. Shelton and I drove home with the sun roof open and the mood was just so relaxed. I asked if I could stand up outside the sun roof while we drove home (totally kidding), and he said "absolutely not. We might hit a deer." And I replied, "Deer don't live in the summer." I just meant they are as keen to run in the road in the summer because they stay back in the trees where it is cool.

We made it home at 2 this morning. At 10 this morning, I realized that my eyelids were about the only muscle that didn't hurt.

Thanks for a great 4th of July chillin' day Moreheads. We will most certainly have to do it again.

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