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Snooooooze Fest oh-five

Since we had such a hard-hitting weekend and our little bodies couldn't quite recover in just a mere 8 hours of sleep, Monday morning came as quite a shock. After sluggishly dragging our cold bodies out of the bed that has been cursed by satan (it's old, terribly uncomfortable, squeakier than a cat at a squeak-toy convention..), we faced the day with baggy eyes and dreams of returning to satan's bed.

Monday flew by in the blink of an eye and by 6 I was back in the living room. We talked about the day, caught Will & Grace, and then departed to our seperate rooms. I plopped down on the couch to continue to read this spiral spin through Kiedis' drug-sexed-rock n rolled life; Shelton went to the office to play with his lover- the computer. About three pages later I was passed out cold on the couch... at 7:15pm. I woke at about 8 and realized I'd fallen asleep. I went in to see what Shelton was doing and, well, he was doing the same thing I was... asleep on the futon.

I headed to bed. I knew I was too tired to try to stay awake. About 9 Shelton joined me and said, "If I'd have known you were coming in here I'd have joined you." Pathetic aren't we?! We fell asleep. At 9:30 I woke up and locked up the house and turned off the lights and did the pajama thing. And then it was snoozin' all night long.

I woke up so refreshed and ready to face the day. it was wonderful. If I can't sleep in anymore, at least I can go to bed early. HA HA GOD, I FOUND A LOOP HOLE!!!!!

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