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Have I NOT learned this lesson yet?

I am a silly girl. Last night after work a few people were headed to this bar, Boulevard. And I thought that it was a fabulous idea. I was thrown through the wringer at work this week and I haven't gone out in a reeeeeeeally long time. Shelton always being the good sport that he is was my official DD and so I was fine with going out and having a few drinks, chatting it up with everyone, and having an all around good time.

The beer was good and the company even better. It was our first time in this establishment and I really liked it. You know the story, one beer becomes two and that becomes three... you know. I really wasn't that bad off, felt fine.

The gentlemen sitting at the table behind us were fellow OU alumni. Sat and talked to them for a while and then they wanted to buy me a shot (I. do. not. do. shots.). Soooo they bought me a shot of Jager and Red Bull (that stuff tastes like sweettarts, nothing but trouble). Well, a little while later someone else decided they wanted to buy me a shot, sooooo i drank it.

Bad. News. Bears.

I would have been juuuust fine with my beer. That's why I drink beer. By the time we left at like midnight it was game over. I thought we'd never make it home and then the nausea became a knife-in-the-face physical reality.

This morning, a little slow getting started, but feeling alright. And I sit here thinking, BRANDI- you KNOW that you just can't push it like that anymore. I don't like the feeling of being drunk- at all. I enjoy a few beers, unwind, relax, whatever. This is not going to happen again. Peer-ee-id.

On a lighter, note, my flip flops did not win the decorating competition at work yesterday. I got a tiny 4 votes, but I'm not complaining, everyone really brought their game.

And that is how I feel about WINE. NO WINE!!! EVER AGAIN!!!
yo momma

Can't push yourself like that anymore --- you are soooo old. Come on.


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