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Shelton and I are trying to get caught up with our movie watching. Through Cessna, we get two free movies a month at the theater AND Blockbuster doesn't charge late fees for movies any longer (up to a week or something)- so we're back in the swing of things.

This past weekend we rented Aviator. It's a biopic about Howard Hughes. Shelton and I had a little spat at the Blockbuster over the plot. I was saying he was an aircraft engineer something. Shelton was saying No, he was a film maker. Turns out we were both right. Anyhow, aside from it being a 3 hour film, we really liked it. I had no idea what a freak Howard Hughes was. And Cate Blanchett NAILED the part of Katherine Hepburn, at least in my opinion.

Last night we went to the theater to see The Interpreter. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn- it was fantastic. I fought it, had no desire to go, but I took it all back once the movie was over. One of the best I've seen in a long time.

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