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Gladys says, "Something ain't right!"

Shelton decided it would be a good idea to play with the mommy pigeon, who I have named Gladys. I say, either hate them and let them be, or hate them and just get it over with. As filthy and gross as they are, and as much as I want them off of my porch, i still have a heart and I still don't want to treat Gladys and her brood badly.

So last night he shooed her out of the nest while my Aunt Felicia cheered him along. Insanity I tell you. In her absence, he added an egg to the nest... a chicken egg... from our fridge. Just for giggles, right?! Ok, ok, I laughed a litle bit because it did look funny... but I sincerly felt bad for Gladys.

When Gladys returned she was incredibly hesitant about hopping on that new egg. See, there is a noticeable size difference. For those of you who have never had the unbelievably awesome opportunity (not) to see a pigeon egg up close, it is really no bigger than a whopper easter egg candy (yum). So the egg Shelton added was significantly larger... and much colder. After some serious investigation she did what any good mother would do and hopped back in the nest and continued roosting.

So now we have three eggs and a little boy who likes to play. According to my pigeon egg research, we've got t-minus 14 days to hatching.

Until then, here are some pigeon fun facts:
> They mate for life
> The male and female sharing duties in tending to the eggs
> The male, as well as female, lactate when the eggs hatch
> Adult pigeons can have over 10,000 feathers
> Pigeons have been known to live for 30+ years
> Hundreds of years ago, their droppings were used to make gun powder

GOOD JOB HUN you turned a bad situation that you could not stand into a positive.
*High Fives the mom*

Great heart good person Love ya

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