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There's no place like home, Toto

I have landed safely back in Wichita. The first two hours in the door was met with serious frusteration and coaching from my brother to fix my internet connection and Apple Airport Express (which is about the most worthless piece of shit apple has ever put out).

In any event, the flight back to OKC was smooth. Patrick picked me up and delivered me back to my car. A special shout out to Patrick because... he was accepted to OU's business school Master's program yesterday!!!! Congrats!!!

I drove out to visit with Shelton's grandparents. They are always a real treat to chat with. They are full of really great stories. I also left with a new set of sheets for the bed. Fabulous!!

I then did a little shopping at some stores only available to me in OKC- Ann Taylor Loft and Ross. I left with some very cute stuff, very ready for summer.

I made it back to Wichita 19 Dave Matthews songs and 2 hours later. A perfect, perfect evening drive. Barely put my foot on the break once.

I got my first live phone call with Shelton today since they left. I was totally impressed with the clarity of the connection. I've had international calls before with a terrible delay and echo, but this sounded like he was in the next room... too bad he wasn't. He sounds great, enjoying every minute. He is still posting on his site every day.

Well, I just hopped out of the shower and wiped out my dinner of cashews and water. I'm going to go unpack and iron something for tomorrow.

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