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We now have an employer-imposed fitness plan

Apparently to be in advertising you have to be fit and trim. I can't think of any other reason why we now need a sweatband and water bottle to get down to our creative and production department.

Our office just moved into 6000 extra sq. ft. As I said, prod and creative have moved downstairs. One glitch, THERE AREN"T ANY STAIRS! They are currently jackhammering a 900 sq ft hole in the middle of our office to put stairs in. That will take a week or so. In the meantime, we have to go to the emergency stairwell, down 2 flights of stairs, out the back door in the alley, back in to the building. It takes forever, is so inconvenient, but I guess it won't last forever. So instead of taking each job back to our traffic manager as it arises, I now let them sit until it's time to take them down. And then I make an announcement that I'm going downstairs if anyone needs to send me down with anything.

Today starts the, "Seriously, pack your bags or you'll be naked" countdown for Shelton. We leave for OKC in 2 days and then he leaves for Israel on Saturday, I leave for Dallas. We have bought all the toiletries, electrical converters, snacks and magazines. Now he needs to pack his clothes! I'm not doing it this time, not gonna do it. He is taking all of our suitcases though. So how am I supposed to pack for dallas???

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