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You can thank the Catholics for little St. Joseph

A week ago tonight Shelton and I received word from the dad-in-law that the condo had at long last found a new owner. Yes, our beloved condo is no longer ours. It's all moving so quickly now, we close on the 6th!! We're glad for the new owner, it's a fabulous little abode.

I would have mentioned the sale sooner but I didn't want to jinx anything. That's always my luck. Get super psyched about whatever event may or may not be happening, tell the world, practically send out a press release and then BAM!- it's gone. Ain't gonna happen.

I think the little statue of St. Joseph I buried in the backyard 3 weeks ago might have had something to do with it. I'm a beliver. Amen.

Well, so long little condo of ours. It's the first address Shelton and I shared. It's the home we were engaged in, married in, thought we were going to have a baby in, graduated college in, lived and loved. 3003 River Oaks Dr. you were good to us. So long old friend.

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