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A life in boxes

Today is moving day, yet again. I am a fruit cocktail of emotion. I almost cried last night when I said goodnight to Russ and Sherry. However, at work yesterday, I made an announcement over the intercom that I was holding my new apartment keys. We took one load over to the house last night where my first housewarming gift was waiting... a jug of Cheer laundry detergent with a red bow sat on the stairs. Thank you Shelton, you are the sweetest.

I am off work today, which I hate doing. I amazed at the amount of work that piles up if I'm out for a 2 hour meeting... let alone an entire day!! I managed to "sleep in" to 7:45 this morning. See what adult life has done to me, stripped me of my ability to sleep until 1pm and then maybe decide to get up, maybe decide to stay in bed... who really cares?!

I'm about to take my first load over. The luxury of today is that I have the time to go ahead and arrange the closet and the bathroom since all of that stuff is already here.

We leave for the promised land tonight (OKC). The dad-in-law is picking up the UHAUL and we will start loading about 9pm tonight and hopefully back on the road by noon tomorrow. You know what an anal-obsessive planner I am. If the schedule falls 2 minutes out of whack I'll probably have a nervous breakdown.

And soon enough, I will throw the last box away only to have to acquire more boxes to pack it all up again in January.

Baby - Congrats on your new apartment and I cannot wait to see it. I wish I could have been there to help with the move but...I have moved enough in my life. ha ha ha. I love you and wish you and shelton the best in your new life in Wichita.

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