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I hope to die in a yacht-filled harbor

Things are going pretty well for us lately. I really don't have a single complaint. Well, maybe tiny ones like Shelton didn't let me buy those REALLY cute shoes last night. But no complaints that have any true substance.

I got a fabulous new haircut on Tuesday. I've gotten more compliments in the last 2 days than I even know how to handle. I wish I had a camera so I could show it off.

Moving day is tomorrow and I'm pretty jazzed about that. We have started packing a few things around the basement. Shelton picks up the key today and I have taken off tomorrow to start shuttling things over. My parents let us use the Durango this week so that will certainly help. And, it came with Dad's gas card, that REALLY helps! Anyone need a ride??

My title has nothing to do with this post and this post really has nothing to do with anything. I read an article yesterday that Prince Rainier of Monaco died and one line said, "He died in a hospital room overlooking a yahcht-filled harbor." May we all be so lucky.

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