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I think she walked around with a boom-box on her shoulder

We are slowly getting accustomed to apartment life. It's very different from the condo, believe me. It makes me feel like I'm in college again, the early years. Except now I have nicer stuff and I am fully capable of paying my bills and buying groceries that have pictures on the package.

One of the adjustments is the lack of color on the walls. I'm not allowed to paint or paper anything. So it's institutional white and by the end of this that just may be where you find me- in an institution.

Another adjustment is that the toilet doesn't flush right, the garbage disposal sounds like there is a gremlin trapped inside and the front door will blow open with the slightest whisper of wind, and that is when it's locked. I can't just call a repair guy to fix this stuff. I have to be put on a list and wait for someone to come out. They have fixed these things, but still, weird and inconvenient.

The biggest adjustment is the CONSTANT and INCESSANT bass that is pounding my brains out. The woman living below us loves, loves, the beat so much she should marry it. And she wants the whole building to love it with her. It has not stop bom-bom-bomping since Saturday. All day. All night. It just doesn't stop. Last night as we were falling asleep the bass was bom-bom-bomping away and Shelton and I had had enough. We all know what happens when Brandi has enough. This time, I was the one playing it cool. Shelton was stomping on the floor and I was all, that is not how you handle this situation. I calmly walked downstairs at 10:30 at night in my PJs and knocked on her door. She looked like a stoned deer in headlights. "Oh, is that bothering you"? And I replied, "Yes, I'm sorry, we have to get up early and GO TO OUR JAY-OH-BEES.". The bom-bom-bomping ceased and was only heard for a few minutes this evening.

Cute place though and we are very much enjoying getting back to our lifestyle. If we learned anything from the past few months, it's that you should appreciate all the alone time you have together... and to be very thankful for good friends.

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