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We got to keep the couch

I took off work Friday so that I could start moving. Got everything out of the basement and into the apartment no problems. Did it with enough time to find a wireless network in the apartment and grab some Chipotle for lunch.

Shelton, my Aunt and myself left for OKC about 6:00 Friday night. Made it to Moore by 9 and by 10:15 the UHAUL was completely loaded. My brother and his girlfriend made it in and Kyle was a rockstar. He took over in a super nice way and made it all fit nicely. The best part was that Shelton found my Cure CD I lost over a year ago! SWEET!!

Saturday morning we went to Norman to bury the statue of St. Joseph that my client bought me from the Catholic book store. We said the prayer, buried him in the dirt and now we hope that he will sell our house. (According to the box, he has helped 1000s sell their house!!). :)

After that it was Northern bound with our 3-vehicle caravan. Shelton drove his first UHAUL and it made for a good story. The alignment was all out of whack and well, the usual UHAUL wierdness.

Made it here and had the whole truck unpacked in about an hour and fifteen minutes. DAMN!! It all went smooth as silk until it was time to bring in the very last piece... the couch. Geeze louise was that a mess. That thing was not coming up the stairs. And by not I mean, we were calling people to see if they needed a free couch. It was too big for the doors and stairs and the guys decided it couldn't come over the patio. Then my uncle showed up and realized we could take the sliding doors apart. So the guys hoisted the couch up to the patio and we had ropes to hold on to it while they ran allllll the way upstairs to take it from us. My aunt took pictures of this chaos but I haven't received them yet. I'll post once I do.

For now we are completely unpacked except for the office. Lots of space. It's very similar to the condo. Happiness has been restored.

Good luck with Saint Joseph, he worked for my parents!

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