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Grade-Avery, Quality Student

Friday a group of KU ad students came to the office for an agency visit. I've been on these visits probably 50 times. I know what makes an agency visit suck and make a kid never even consider working for you, and I know what makes them rock pretty hard, to where you'd do anything to get a desk at that very moment. I wanted their experience to be the rockin' kind. I know a lot of people don't believe me, but our agency is hot right now, I want these kids to know this is absolutely a place worth considering.

Anyhow, I went in to speak to them about the work we do for my client, my experience as a recent grad/job seeker, the agency, etc and so forth. I really enjoyed. They asked some great questions and I really feel that I gave great answers. I gave them my business card and told them to give me a shout if they had any questions or something.

At the end, their prof, who apparently worked at KU with Avery, told me, "You are definitely the product of Avery, no doubt." I laughed. Pretty big compliment, I thought.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty mellow. Shelton and I went on a date Friday night, been a while for that. Real thing- I wore a dress, he wore a tie. There was wine. Ice cream. I pooped out before we made it to the movie though so the date ended abruptly... is this what it's like to have kids?

Saturday was a wash. HAHAHA- I did laundry ALL day! oh, I crack myself up. Spent the day at the auntie's using her water supply and appliances. We had a wonderful dinner and talked until about 11.

This morning is a calm, quiet, non-bom-bom-bomping kind of morning. AHHHHH, what's that I smell... VICTORY! We are Panera bound and then the reality that tomorrow is Monday will set in.

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