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Won't you be my neighbor?

Mr. Rogers
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Ok, so the saga with the downstairs neighbors continues... the good news is it has an ending. We had to go back downstairs Monday night at 11:30 after we were both awaken from a calm and peaceful slumber. Yes, the bom-bom-bomping was back. I staggered out of bed, went downstairs and on the way down lost my footing and slid the rest of the way down. Knock on the door, the girl answers and looks completely dumbfounded. Dumby, why do you think I'm down here? So I asked her to turn the music down AGAIN and she goes, "Well, what room are you in?" I said, "Umm, the bedroom, because it's midnight, and I'm sleeping!!" 10 minutes later the music was off.

Last night we come home. By 7 the bom-bom-bomping was off and running. I stood up, slammed down my important scrapbooking implement and screamed, "NOT TONIGHT! I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS CRAP TONIGHT!" I called our apartment security and of course, they never showed.

At 8:08pm we went down and knocked on the door- AGAIN. And I know it was exactly 8:08pm because the Chuck E Cheese manager downstairs screamed this at us. Apparently he is good at reading digital clocks. He couldn't believe we had the audacity to ask him to turn down the bom-bom-bomping at 8:08 at night. He's never had this problem before, none of the other neighbors complain, and he doesn't believe our floor is vibrating. I would have invited him up to test it himself but I didn't want him to leave Chuck E Cheese smell in my house.

So he threw a big hissy fit and I came upstairs to call the office and leave a message. I explained the situation to them. I called back this morning to see what was happening and apparently Chuck E Cheese and his wife went in first thing this morning to complain about our "nagging them incessantly." Turns out, they don't want to live near us. SO THEY ARE TRANSFERING TO A DIFFERENT APARTMENT. Happy dance over here... Happy dance over there!!

BYE BYE, GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Don't forget to pack your speakers... ass.

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