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Merlot No-No

You'd think I'd learn. 1 glass of Merlot, tasty. 2 glasses of Merlot, happy. 3 or more glasses, bad-news-bears.

We had dinner with my AE and his wife last night. Fabulous dinner of filet and asparagus, grilled mushrooms and potatoes and cheesecake... and merlot.

So, this morning, my head is pounding as if those people still lived downstairs blasting their bass. I had ca-razy dreams last night. All a result of the drank too much merlot.

We had a really good time. It was nice to see my boss man loosen up a bit, and his wife is just the sweetest. Always enjoy her. We played a couple of games after dinner. I know, I know, could we be more married?

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