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Hotdogs, Beer and Sooners

Tonight Shelton and I had tickets to watch the Wichita State/OU Baseball game. My media man snagged some sweet seats for us, probably 30 ft behind home plate. We were one of the few flashes of red in the crowd, but you know my "Boomer Sooners" were strong and loud!!!

When we left the score was tied 4-4, bottom of the 6th. I just checked live stats at soonersports.com and it looks like going in to the bottom of the 9th, WSU is up 3 runs. We kinda knew that's how it would go.

We stayed for the good part and left when we couldn't feel our appendages any more. We each put back 2 BIG, yummy hotdogs, mine was washed down with a cold beer, Shelton's with Hot Cocoa. It was nice to be around some Sooner athletes.

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