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Maybe I should repair the chipped paint on my toes

In other words, I have nothing to talk about. I went in to work at 6:30 this morning, left at 7:15 tonight. I am all sorts of tired. It was worth it though because for a brief 5 minute period today I was completely caught up... but then I checked my email, received a fax and double-checked my calendar. Damn.

Shelton brought me a grilled cheese and a beer for dinner. So good. Made my day. It was a Killians no less... good times.

I just wiped out 1/4 a DQ Ice Cream cake made to serve 12 people, leftover from Shelton's birthday yesterday. I am capable of doing that math and basically I just ate enough ice cream to feed 3 people. Can you say fatty-fatty-fatty.

I would also like to congratulate Sarah and Jeremy on the purchase of their first home. The deal goes down end of May. Best of luck to you.

Or just take it all off and leave it off as you were taught when you were raised.

Hey Brandi! Long time no talk. I haven't seen you online in FOREVER, so we've kinda lost touch. I hope you're doing OK. It sounds like things are great in KS for you. Leave me an email or IM sometime. Hope to talk to ya soon!!!!! :)

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