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I should buy stock in Kleenex

Could I please cry a little more?! It's like my eyes, my very own eyes, invented tears and I'm trying to let the whole world know it. Yesterday was like sob-fest 2005.

Exhibit A
We watched Friday Night Light, true story of a Texas HS Football team. I'm telling you buy the 4th quarter in the state finals, I'm sitting there bawling like a baby. I'm a sucker for high school athletes who give it their all.

Exhibit B
Shelton and I are discussing his trip to Israel. And I starrrrrt bawling. Not because I'm scared. I'm not scared at all, got over that a long time ago. I know Haifa is safe and wonderful and I'm going to be sitting here in Kansas, where it's well, safe. No, now I'm just depressed that I wont' see him for like 14 days and that my cry-baby self decided not to go. Damn it! I really want to go now. Guess I better suck it up because there is a better chance of my becoming a man over the weekend than there is me getting on that plane Saturday.

Exhibit C
Three words: Extreme Home Makeover. Seriously, you'd think someone had just sawed my very own arm off and then beat me with it. I cry from start to finish during that show. It is non freaking stop. By the end, my shirt sleeves were so wet I could have washed dishes with them.

Exhibit D
Gray's Anatomy. Have you got in to this show yet? Well, you're SO missing out. Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, That girl from Old School, the girl from My Father the Hero... the list goes on. LOVE IT.
Well, on last night's show, they were able to save this man with Parkinsons so he could stop shaking and walk his daughter down the aisle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS? Here we go again, bring on the whale tears.

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