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Calming Down

Yesterday was just a really insane roller coaster. The morning was met with chaos in the Koskie house as everyone dashed to finish their packing. Shelton was such a ball of nerves, as was I, so the two of us just sat and stared.

We left for the airport at noon for departure #1, Shelton. They did the whole passport thing and checked in for the flight. Then we all sat around and chatted for about an hour- then it was time for goodbye. When we first arrived at the airport Shelton and I had a good cry together. Just sad we weren't taking the trip together. Then I was so good saying goodbye to everyone in the security line. All up until I got on the escalator and headed down. I cried off and on for like 4 hours.

I had dinner with Patrick at Zios and we had a lovely time catching up. Miss him.

Patrick delivered me back to the airport where I sat alone at the airport bar with a beer and cried AGAIN and SOME MORE.

Flight to Dallas was uneventful, just the way I like them. Got a call that Shelton and family had made it to Cincinnati where I then learned that they had all been searched at OKC. Bags completely emptied, nearly everything but their underwear came off. Then I got a call that they were safe in Newark and set to embark on the 13 hour flight to Tel Aviv. By my calculations, they won't be there until 9pm tonight (there time, they are telling me they should have landed at 3pm, which was about 4 hours ago. Haven't gotten the "all clear, safe in Israel" call yet. But it's coming and until then I'm still praying hard.

Today is going to be a great day with Christie; manicures/pedicures, shopping, food... Sweet!


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