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No Room at the Inn, Lady!

So apparently our apartment complex is the Wichita Conservatory for Pigeons, aka Rats with Wings!! I hate them. They are gross and foul and I don't really care for any species of birds, but I especially hate pigeons.

These things live on our patio and I'm constantly shooing them away. They poo all over everything. Just grossy-Josey.

Last night this one pigeon was sitting in this hanging flower basket and wouldn't leave. I'm yelling and waving my hands and clapping loudly at her- nothing. Finally she flies away. So my Aunt and I are looking at flowers in the basket, or what's left of them, no vegitation happening whatsoever.

I look down, and that little hussy left an egg!!! SHE WAS LAYING AN EGG IN MY FLOWER BASKET ON MY PORCH!!! I took pictures of the egg and a little while later she flew back and HAS NOT left that basket since. I even took some pictures of here sitting on the egg. I will get those posted tomorrow, the cord is at my office.

So now I have to wait for the right moment to snatch that egg and get rid of it. I'm scared that she has laid more since last night... they don't typically have just one??

On another pigeon note, I would really appreciate some advice on how to rid my porch of this nasty things. Please post in the comments section your tips (you don't need to register, just post anonymous). My suggestion was to cover the porch in mouse traps... but Shelton said I'd be responsible for cleaning up dead birds.... UMMM HAIL NO! Then I thought, well, I'll just put a bowl of bird seed out there and put some poison in it... Shelton thinks they are too smart for that. So, let me know if you have a better Pigeon Prevention Plan, PPP.

Get a cat or a dog, if you are allowed. You'll save lots of dough on pet food!

My fatherly advice to to get a fake owl and place it on the patio the pigeons hate them.
Daddy-ooo again

Just get a wind sock or somethng that "flutters" in the wind. They don't like all the motion and will leave your porch alone. (not as final as your ideas, but effective non the less.:)
Sher B

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