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Same song, different day

I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go back to work. Those warm fuzzies wore off about 8:45 as I checked 65 EMAILS!!! Once I mowed my way through those it was on to the PILE of work that my AE had left on my desk w/ cute little stickies on every single one that said, "Let's discuss."

I think I had my bearings back by 10. But by then, OH MY GOD, it was so hot in the office! We have a gaping 900 sq ft hole in the floor that opens to the first floor where the doors are standing open. Basically, our AC can't keep up with trying to cool both floors while the heat and humidity rush in. I mean sweat and frizz city. I went to Hell in a Handbasket during lunch (aka Walmart) and bought a fan. It's a cute little booger. About 3' tall and soooooo cool and breezy. Totally worth the non-expensible $12.

I hit up the Chipotle for dinner. Damn, I could eat that stuff every single day. Very hard to believe they are owned by McDonalds (there's a fun fact for the day).

Well, 7 more Shelton-less days. So far, so good. He'll be home a week from tonight, so ready.

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