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Consider this a collage of thoughts

I couldn't really decide what I wanted to post this evening. A lot of things going on, random things I've seen, so I'm just going to break down in a li'l list.

> I bought the new Dave Matthews Band CD last night, "Stand Up." Yes, I bought it, as in paid legal tender in a retail store. I know this hasn't happened since about 2 or 3 summers ago when I bought the most recent Chili Peppers album; I burn the rest, so bad. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Granted, it could be a recording of Dave grunting and I'd think it was magical. So in short, I like it. It seems to be a lot more instrumental than a lot of their stuff, a lot more piano and they've added mandolin to Boyd Tinsley's repotoire.

> Every morning I drive West on Central to get to work (that doesn't mean anything to most of you). About a mile before my turn on to Washington, there is a little plasma donor office. Ok, I know this is going to sound terrible but I really hope I never need a plasma donation. I wouldn't drink water after anyone standing in that line, let alone their plasma. I like to think that well-nourished, healthy individuals are pouring their plasma out for the masses. Instead, it's, well, the not so well-nourished and unhealthy individuals standing outside this place just WAITING for the door to open at 8 to get their money. It's kind of like the first time you walk in to the kitchen at a fast food place... you'd just much rather not know where it's coming from.

> Today makes twice in the past week that I have managed to put my underwear on inside-out. I know guys probably don't have this problem but I know the girls do. What is my problem!? It's not like I'm in a blindfolded race to get these things put on in the morning!! Anyhow, I never know I've done this until I go to the bathroom, and you're sitting there and look down and go, Oh Yeah, I needed to be reminded that I'm a little slow sometimes.

> I think I want pizza for dinner. Hmmm.

> Shelton comes home in six days. He has posted some new photos on his site, again the link is on the right, at least it should be. www.shelfish.com
We have now reached that mark of- we've never been apart this long before. All the cliches are true: distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder and you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Luckily we get to talk using this free online phone service called SKYPE every night before I go to bed/as he is waking up AND during my lunch each day on IM. I'm very thankful for those 45 quick minutes or so that we have. It has calmed my nerves to a manageable degree and I can actually function during the day.

> I have not one single plan for this weekend. Not one. I don't know if that is good or bad. I'm going to sleep in and just take it easy. Probably go rent some cheesy chick flicks. I don't plan on washing my hair, a hat is going to have to do it. Underwear on the correct way? That is questionable.

From: Shauna

I'm glad that things are going well! I actually think that you get to talk to Shel (all the way across the world) more than I get to talk to Brady while he's in the same state doing the Army thing. Kinda ironic?!

We have been very blessed and fortunate that we have the means to do so. I'm not taking one conversation for granted.

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