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The Calm Before the Storm -OR- The Calm After the Storm

The weekend is winding to a close. That means Shelton and I are sorting through the dirty and clean clothes to see how long we can make it before the absolute final day we have to do laundry. That means we are getting ready for really the only 3 hours of TV we watch during the week- Home Makeover, Housewives, Gray's Anatomy. We are squabbling over what we will have for dinner- tonight I think it is Jack Daniel's grilled marinated chicken with veggies- Yum!

This weekend was the Shelton's first home in 2 weeks. We had plans of looking through trip pictures, catching up on sleep, and catching up with one another. But family comes first, and I needed to be with them this weekend.

I've always been very vocal about the quasi-dysfunctionality of my family. We are far from the Cleavers. But this weekend all 5 of us sat down and took big, giant, huge steps towards fixing that. A lot of healing was done this weekend. A lot of mended hearts and scars. I'm excited for this new chapter in my family's lives. It will take time, patience, and hard work by each of us. But I don't think we would have accomplished what we did this weekend if each of us hadn't been ready to take these steps.

So tomorrow starts a new week. A new week with chaotic schedules, chores and work. And a new week for my family. To each of you, I hope it is a good one.

I had to ask god for my own gardian angels help this weekend and I guess I must have been in real trouble cause he sent me 3
And they are incredible.

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