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Flip Flop Bomb Pop Friday

Yesterday was the first of a summer full of Flip Flop Bomb Pop Fridays at my office. This fun little idea was dreamt up by yours truly in an effort to get some freedom to wear flip flops to work. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Our president fell in love w/ idea and told me to run with it. So after a few weeks of planning we kicked off this fun event yesterday. The square in Old Town (wichita's version of bricktown) is right outside our front door. We bought a pair of flip flops for everyone in the office and now we can wear them every friday. At 4:30 yesterday we took a cooler w/ about 70 Bomb Pops (which is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year), beach balls, all 45 of us in flip flops and some family members and headed outside. Everyone was having a great time even though it was sprinkling on us. A few were brave enough to run through the fountains. It felt like summer had finally arrived. Our hope is to get more and more people to join us each week. We have a big banner that we take out with us. Maybe by summer's end we'll need hundreds of Bomb Pops. We decided next week we definitely need some music and possibly some "adult" Bomb Pops.

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