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Shelton and I woke up this morning to take part in our Sunday ritual- Panera, Cinnamon Rolls and Bagels, newspaper. So nice. He went on to church and I came home (ya know, because I'm a sinner) and began cleaning the house. I just woke up in one of those cleaning moods and now I can't stop.

Before making it home I stopped at Walgreens for some necessary supplies- new sponges, clorox wipes, ajax AND watermelon bubble gum. I'm ready to rock and roll!!

I've also been jamming out to what would be oldies for me- Everclear, old Jayz, Fiona Apple, at this moment it's My Sharona. I'm anxious to get my itunes account going again because Better Than Ezra AND Weezer AND Foo Fighters just released new albums.

All in all, a pretty mild mannered Sunday. We are supposed to go to a baseball game with some peeps from the officce today, dunno if that will happen, the weather is being typically Kansas.

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