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Too early for this nonsense

Between today and tomorrow (oops, i started this sentence with a preposition), we are shooting FIVE commercials for my golf client. I just got up at 6:30 and it's already go-go-go. I guess not too terribly or I wouldn't have time to sit down and write this. Their big tournament is at the end of July. These spots will run for about two weeks, just a quick blitz. Since they are one of our pro-bono clients, not only am I the annoying account person today, but I'm also wardrobe, makeup, food artist (I've been cooking a roast all night), prop getter-person, and producer.

I'm really excited though. These spots are going to ROCK!! When they are up on the agency site, I'll let you know. The whole premise is caddies for regular people. So we found this guy named Lurch, his 6'6" and apparently has little need for dentists and has the deepest voice I've ever heard. He's supposed to be quite a character; one guy said he reminds him of "Jaws" from some James Bond movie (I have no idea who Jaws is). So that's our caddy.

In the mean time, I have a big meeting with my bank client today. A meeting I wasn't told about until 7 o'clock last night on my way out the door. For a big project I've been completely ignored and excluded from. Why? Because my new AE seems to think and treat me as if I'm nothing more than his secretary. Well guess what BIG BOY, I've got news for you. I don't think anyone has ever frusterated me the way this guy does. It's absurd. I'm coming close to the end of my rope. We're supposed to have lunch this week- maybe we can get it all out.

I had terrible dreams and couldn't sleep all last night. So here I am, 7am, sun is shining and my-oh-my I want to go BACK TO BED!

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