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Here a house, there a house, everywhere a house, house.

Yesterday Shelton and I had our first full afternoon of showings with our realtor. For the last few weeks she has been sending us email updates from the MLS list. We get about 10-30 houses a day, we delete 90% of them. Shelton took it upon himself to email the agent with a list of about 8 houses that we were dieing to check out. After he had sent the email and she confirmed, he then showed me the list. I quickly reminded him that those were all houses that either a) I wasn't interested in, b) were in the ghetto, c) were in the ghetto, d) I wasn't interested and, finally, e) IN THE GHETTO AND I"M NOT INTERESTED!!!

But, The appointments had been made and there was nothing else I could do. Sho'nuf, the first house we pull in to is in the ghetto. Now, this probably isn't drive-by ghetto. But it's deep in the hispanic district, where every billboard and gas station is written in spanish. I have nothing against these people, nothing at all. But the neighborhoods are dirty, property value cannot be that great, and if I'm investing this much into a house, I want a place that I'm comfortable driving home to. So the first SIX of EIGHT houses were less than desirable. Bless Shelton's heart, we were both laughing so hard and he just kept saying, I'm sorry, I didn't know. It was actually pretty funny. I'm glad the realtor caught on early that this was not at all what we were looking for and some random stroke of unluck had us in that area.

One of the houses was apparently a rental. The people still lived there- 2 asian twenty-something guys. The house was so dirty, smelled terrible, and there was PORN ON THE TV when we walked in. Oh yeah, and this filthy nasty aquarium that was dirtier than Lake Thunderbird. We didn't stay long.

Anyhow, the upside to the day. We finally made it over to College Hill- this is kind of like that area by the capital in OKC, except not dangerous and really nice. All bungalow style 1920's-30s homes. No two are alike and all just beautiful and charming. The first one was all locked up, but the second one, it was perrrrfect. It's 1.5 story +basement, 3-ish bedrooms, 1.5 bath, deck, wood floors throughout, fairly decent size kitchen w/ breakfast nook, and so on. We really liked the layout. It's just going to need some work. Definitely electrical, paint on everywall, replace tile in the bathroom. Pretty much a lot of cosmetic work... but it's so cute and only $75K. Our realtor is pulling some additional info on it, so we'll see what happens. in the mean time, we keep finding more and more homes that we just love.

We'll probably go out with her again after the holiday, this time, I'm picking the list.

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