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Maybe this will be a new annual summer event?!

A couple days ago I started having the EXACT same pains I had pre-surgery last summer. To a tee, they were the same. And we are coming up on a year since my fun-filled cyst removal party. I made a doctor's appointment and went in yesterday. She again ran every test in the book. Here we go again! Nothing wrong w/ my kidneys or my liver. My urine is clean- yippee!! I love clean urine! I'm not pregnant. So they did more exams and I'll spare the guys the details on that. As of now, she thinks that my body has too much of the good bacteria- so apparently despite my deodorant's claims, I am NOT pH balanced. I've got some antibiotics and hopefully that is all we need to do. I'll give it a week and see how I'm feeling, she said if it continues, then it's happy sonogram time.

My hope is that I'm fine and my body is just being weird. The doc sounds like I shouldn't be concerned.

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