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Mr. & Mrs. War of the Monster

Now that is a movie worth seeing!

Since Friday I've been to the theater three times to see three seperate films with three different groups. It's been quite enjoyable.

We had a big important "client meeting" that involved skipping out of work at 3 with my client to go drink beer and watch War of the Worlds. See, the theater here is quite fantastic. For one, our office and the theater share a parking lot. Secondly, they bring you beer. In your seat. While you watch the movie! We watched WAR OF THE WORLDS. I have to say from that whole plot, acting, special effects, viewpoint - WOW! Really fantastic. However, I will not be watching it again. Absolutely scared the peewoddin out of me. I just hate all that suspense crap. Aliens I can handle. And can I say, I hope little Dakota Fanning gets some award for her part, unbelievable. She is amazing.

Mr. & Mrs. Hobag Cheater Pants... I mean Smith; that's right, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Shelton's parents were in town for the fourth and we went to see it. Back to the fabulous theater. This time we did not partake in the alcohol. But we did have our lunch served to us right there in our seat. Thank you very much.
Ok, so the movie. It was honestly really good. Very very funny. I'm glad to see that the romantic comedy and the action spy flick have finally married in blissful harmony. And at the end, the funniest part of all, Shelton's mom flashed two sets of 4 fingers at me- 8 fingers! You so funny... you go girl!

Shelton and I get to see 2 free movies a month at the not-so-glam theater through his employee's club. Quite the deal. So we just got back from Monster in Law because there really wasn't anything else. Surprisingly decent. Predictable of course and can J-Lo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE act in ANOTHER wedding movie. We know you're good at the wedding thing- find a new genre PLEASE! So it was funny and I was really impressed by Jane Fonda.

War of the Worlds is definitely a theater must-see. Mr. & Mrs. Smith could go either way. And Monster in Law you could wait for the DVD if there was nothing left at the Blockbuster.

8 FINGERS!!!!!!! WHERE WAS I??? ;~}

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