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How do you say "Welcome" in Kansan?

The waving wheat swept Shelton's parents in to town about 7 o'clock last night. They came in and we gave them he 1/2 penny tour and then decided we were all starving. We decided to take them to Chipotle- so tasty. It had been lightning for a while, but no rain and no real threat of storms. 15 minutes after their arrival we load up in their mini van to go to dinner when we realize the sky is a very black black. The kind of black that made Aunty Em run for the cellar and make the hair on the back of any Kansas-born person rise. We turned the radio on just in time to hear them tell us there was a Tornado Warning in our county and the neighboring county. Umm, screw dinner ya'll! I live in the upstairs apartment and do not own a cellar- I told Kerry to head to Aunty Jay's- NOW. The wind was obnoxious and the power started flickering on/off at the businesses and street lights. I tried to call my Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Britt, but they weren't home. I decided in my head that I would bust the door down and buy them a new lock later. I was able to catch them on their cell phone and they were on their way home from dinner. They met us there and we all went inside. I apologized for barging in on them, with additional company no less. They of course didn't care. We watched the weather and talked for about 1/2 an hour when all the warnings were lifted. The warning didn't remove the torrential downpour that was happening outside, but we thanked them and went on our way anyway. Soaked to the bone back in the car, Chipotle was now a no-go. Driving to Papa Murphy's pizza, we looked like that little fairy boat that sloshes around at the bottom of Niagra Falls. We made to PM's just in time for the OPEN sign to be turned off. So, across the street to the world's most ridiculously priced and poorly stocked grocery store to pick up Digiornios. Ahh, dinner- at last.

HAPPY JULY FOURTH to everyone!!! We are going to spend the day vegging out with his parents, go see a movie, and have Chipotle for lunch. Be safe and have fun, and be thankful for America!

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