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It started with a free groping at the airport and ended with my arms around a showgirl

Brandi at Bellagio
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The trip to Vegas is wrapping up. My bags are packed back up and my feet HURT! I have had a fantastic time. This place is like no place I've ever seen- unreal. It's nothing like you've imagined and even though I've been here, it still doesn't seem real. Everything is so much larger than you think and farther than you think. I will NEVER come back in July. Good God Almighty it's hot out here!!

Leaving the Wichita airport I was one lucky enough to be selected for random search. I got felt up and they rummaged through my stuff. No biggie. I kinda liked it.

Last night, my first night, we spent the whole night on Fremont Street- the original Vegas. Pretty cool. Saw some crazy stuff. I got some beads at La Bayou and that came with a 2' tall blue hurricane. I went back for a refill. Mmm, mmm it was good. Then we went to see a pretty decent cover band, Wonder Boogie, playing in the street. I was dancing like crazy and you know my mom was too. I made a friend. William. Pretty cool black guy from Chicago. We danced and talked for about an hour and then he found out I was married- wah wah wah Debbie Downer. We still chilled and he said to tell my husband he's very lucky and that I'm the sexiest girl on the strip. FABULOUS- thanks!

I got hungry, as I seem to be doing every two hours out here. We headed to the McDonalds and I got a cheeseburger. Hurricane and a cheeseburger- Yum! Then we went to play 3 card poker. I won a couple hands but like everything else I played here, loser.

I think I was the highlight of our cabbies evening. I had a mad case of the hiccups and everytime I hiccuped it made me laugh and then I'd hiccup and so the cycle continued.

This morning was a little rough. I was hurtin'. We made it to breakfast, pretty good stuff. Then I went to layout and I think the hangover and greasy breakfast and 115 degree sun took it's toll. I came back to the room, got a little sick, then took a shower and it was back to playin' ball.

We walked most of the length of the strip. Hot hot hot. Went to the M&M world. Pretty impressive that one little piece of candy can generate all that crap.

This evening we went to Benihana's for dinner. It was deelish. I tried something new- bean sprouts. Ehh, they're ok.

On our way back out to the strip tonight mom and dad and I were in the elevator. We got in, the doors shut, and then we waited. I realized we had waited so long that I had started dancing in a circle in the corner and I shouted, "Damn! This elevator is slow!" We realized no one had hit the floor button and we were just standing still. It was a had-to-be-there moment but the three of us were laughing so hard mom almost peed on the floor.

Tonight we walked the entire other half of the strip. Watched two shows of the Bellagio Fountains. Amazing. The played the "Beef, what's for dinner song" (I'm sure that composer is turning over in his grave that that is what his song is referred to as) and then the other show was Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain"- that one was my favorite.

We also watched a minute of the Treasure Island show and the volcano at the Mirage. We walked all through Caesar's, which was pretty cool. I got to see my first Harry Winston diamond up close and personal. Shelton- you need a promotion baby! :) On our way to the monorail we cut through Harrah's and there was a showgirl taking free photos. We took one together. It was hot. Dad got one too.

This has been a fantastic trip. I definitely needed the time away and mom and dad were great company. Someone at the cashier's stand asked me if I was old enough to play, thought I was 16. Umm, no, I'm here on my 24th birthday trip.

I'm anxious to come back. But I'll do it in say, January.

Birthday is next week. I'm kind of over the countdown, I'm sure you are too.

Mom and Dad, thanks.

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