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Birthday Take Two

This year, it's two birthdays!! My family celebrated mine and my Aunt's birthdays today. It was a jolly good time with grandma's lasagna, garlic bread and cake! And, of course, the presents!

I got a fabulous new scrapbook tool, gift to macaroni grill, flip flop paraphanalia and candles. That'll work.

I went to get my Aunt a Macaroni Grill gift card yesterday, because it's her favorite restaurant. Then decided to get her something else. So, I laughed really hard when I opened my card to find that exact thing in the card.

I also found it cute that this year I turned 24 and my aunt turned 42. She's thrilled that when I'm 25 next year, she will not be 52.

We also went for our Sunday house hunt and OH BOY did we find a gem. This isn't like going to the jewelry store and finding a beautiful little diamond in the case. This is like going to Walmart and accidentally stumbling across THE Hope Diamond on the shelf full of Sam's Choice ramen noodles. It's cute as can be and half an hour after looking at it we submitted a contract. I've got a headache from being so excited. I probably will not sleep tonight. I'm trying so hard not to jinx this but OH MY GOD, it's perfect and fabulous. So, ye fingers be-eth crossed.

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